“Glass”, edited by QGRDI, is the only prestigious national journal on the study of the science and technology of glass industry. It, with focus on reporting new technology, new technological process and new types of product of various gasses, introduces technical and theoretical achievements in production, scientific research, design and teaching, technological innovation, experience exchanging and basic knowledge, as well as information on science and technology and development in production etc. at home and abroad.


GLASS is a national building material technology journa,started in 1974. It is a professional technical journal in the industry of building materials and glass which has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (former name is State Science and Technology Commission), registered on the National News Publication Bureau, hosted and issued in public by Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research & Design Institute. China periodical number is CN13-1106/TQ, and the International Standard Serial Number is ISSN1003-1987. This journal has different columns such as Discussion on Special Topics, Research and Development, Glass Deep-Processing, Policy and Regulations, Technology Communication, Production Experience and Energy-Saving and Environment Protection. It mainly reports new technology, new processing and new products of building glass and relevant specialized field of glass deep-processing and decoration glass, as well as contents such as operation and management, guiding principle, policy, technology tendency of domestic and abroad, and academic discussion. This journal has changed to monthly journal instead of bi-monthly since 2008. It is published on the 25th day of every month, and it has 12 issues, with large 16K folder, and 64 pages.
This journal has fixed readership. Main clients are from large-scale libraries of domestic, School of Materials of universities, glass research and design institutes, all float glass and various glass deep-processing factories in China. It is the essential reading of professionals engaged in the glass industry and other relevant professionals.
Welcome corporations and factories of domestic and abroad to advertise on GLASS, also welcome everybody eagerly contribute.

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