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Postgraduate activities: What does the epidemic tell us?


Reporter: Zhao Xuerong, Fan Yingchao, Fan Jianfen and Ge Shanshan

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Social Science Department of Shanxi University and the Research and Development Department (Office) of Shanxi University on March 9, 2020, our college organized the online courses "National Ideology Course" for all postgraduate counselors and graduate students.

The course was taught by four professors and experts, including Ai Silin from Tsinghua University, Wang Binglin from Beijing Normal University, Feng Xiujun from Central University of Finance and Economics, and Qin Xuan from Renmin University of China. They introduced the touching stories on the front line against the epistemic and analyzed the superiority of the socialist system reflected in the fight against the epidemic, and at the same time answered questions for the students on the spot.


1. Professor Ai Silin of Tsinghua University Said: “Human rights refer not only to the right of individuals but also to the rights of social groups. Human rights include the rights to life and the right to security, which are the most basic human rights. Human rights are specific. It is stratified to exercise and implement human rights. And life is the greatest human right in the epidemic”.

2. Professor Wang Binglin of Beijing Normal University said: “After studying history, we can learn the rules and take the responsibility under them better”.

3. Professor Feng Xiujun of the Central Finance University said: “The epistemic is an excellent opportunity for us to learn how to take responsibility and create a beautiful life.

4. Professor Qin Xuan of the National People's Congress said: “We have a high degree of confidence towards our government system, which will be continued to improve.

On behalf of the young generation, first, young people should know patriotism towards their motherland. Through the epidemic, every Chinese can recognize the Community of a Shared Future. General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "There is only one youth in one's life. It should be used yo struggle for the future and be memoried in the future". Through the epidemic, we learned how to take responsibility for the nation's revival and how to integrate our own existence into our motherland and share a destiny with it. From the grade three high school student who used neighbor's WI-FI to learn online lessons to the senior student in university who prepared the postgraduate entrance examination in Fangcang Hospital. They all accumulated their strength through further learning. Therefore, we should use our professional skills to protect the people we want to protect and respond to the challenges of our ages. Finally, we should behave ourselves in great virtue, which equals great wisdom and courage.

        Bai Yige                                     Fan Yuheng                             Li Dan (PhD)                             Gao Rui (PhD)

       Gu Jiang                                    He Zhiping                               Jia Min                                     Li Lin

        Nan Nan                                    Liu Jinghao                                Sang Jing                                 Shang Yu

        Liu Qi Wang                             Shunan                                     Wen Mei                                   Zhang Xiaoyan

       Li Ruiying                                   Guo Zhiqiang                           Yan Ruifeng (PhD)                   Yang Guoxin


       Ma Lijun                                     Ma Fangfang                           Song Jiaxin                               Wei Yue

        Zhang Chen                               Zhang Li                                   Zhang Xiaoyuan                       Zhou Mengmeng