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Postgraduate activities: Graduate students of our school actively participate in the anti-epidemic work.

Reporters: Ni Dengfeng, Fan Yuheng, Geng Xilin, Yang Guoting, Chen Yuyuan

Editor: Fan Yingchao

The confrontation of the new coronavirus epidemic is intensive and affects everyone’s life. After the outbreak of the epidemic, many graduate students of our college actively participated in the prevention and control work no matter where they are, which reflects the patriotism and enthusiasm of the young generation and sets an excellent example for us.

1. Ni Dengfeng (male), a sophomore graduate student majored in Environmental Science

On behalf of the young generation, Ni Dengfeng actively answered the summon from our nation and devoted his help during the epidemic. He volunteered to check and rectify the station of epidemic prevention and control in Shenting Village, Zhoushan Town, Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province. Since the beginning of the prevention and control work, he, together with village cadres, has been on duty to check the temperature and identity of every person who has to come and go to the village from the only entrance. And he was honored for an excellent job of contract information collection.

2. Fan Yuheng (female), a first-grade graduate student majored in Environmental Engineering

Fan Yuheng, an activist for the Party, volunteered to participate in the fight against the epidemic since she saw how the community workers fight on the front line every day and wanted to become one of them to contribute her tender efforts to epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, she, as a volunteer in her Changer Community, Dahuaishu district, Hong Tong county of Ling Fen city in Shan Xi province, checked the temperature and collected the information of the people come and go to the town and persuaded the people from outside to stop to enter this town. During the work period, she well done her job in the epidemic prevention and control, learned the quality of unity and perseverance from all the Party Cadres. And she believed that we could win the fight against this epidemic.

3. Geng Xilin (male), a first-grade graduate student majored in Environmental Science


Hoping to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, Geng Xilin voluntarily joined the prevention and control work in Gengjia village, Dongxia town, Qingzhou city, Shandong province. Together with other staff, his duty was to measure temperature, register information. Base on the support of his father’s company, the station of epistemic prevention and control received the drivers and vehicles to carry out disinfection and sterilization on the relevant places and streets in the village. Through this contact with the society and participation in the work, it has further strengthened the confidence inside of him: “With joint efforts to fight pneumonia, we can win the fight in the end.”

4. Yang Guoting (female), a first-grade graduate student majored in Physical Geography

Responding to the national call, Yang Guoting voluntarily joined the epidemic prevention work in Kou village, Zhangqing town, Yuci District, Shanxi province during the epidemic. Due to the severe situation of the epidemic, she helped to measure temperature and register information in the village and hoped to make some contributions to the villagers and the country, and wished that this epidemic could end soon.

5. Chen Yuyuan (male), a first-grade graduate student majored in Environmental Engineering

As the leader of the first grade majored in Environmental Engineering, Chen Yuyuan actively participate in the prevention and control work of the epidemic. From 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm every day, he has been on duty in the Tiantai Cultural Garden community, Yuncheng city, in Shanxi province. He maintained the measurement and registration of personal identity and temperature. He also joined the work of order management in the community.

The volunteers of our college demonstrated their responsibility of young people, and we believed that this battle will end soon.

Fight! Wuhan! Fight! China!