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Graduate work: the class meeting on the theme of "Campus Safety Education" for the senior students in our College


ReporterZhao Xuerong

According to the announcement of the Graduate Office and the Party Committee of Shanxi Universality, the meeting of campus safety education was held for strengthening the safety awareness of graduate students at the 213 Room on 2rd of September, 2019. Under the organization of Zhang Xiaoyan, the graduate counselor of our college, there were 62 students attending the meeting including the doctorates and postgraduates of grade 2017 and 2018. The rest of 21 students requiring a leave of absence.

Liu Yanbing, the president of the new Graduate Student Council of our college, provided video, and Li Xuejiao, the monitor class 2018, presided over the meeting and broadcasted the video.

The meeting includes two main contents

1. according to Zhang Xiaoyan’s arrangements for the new school year:

1.1. Self-discipline: Do strictly require yourself to abide by discipline and lawstrengthen self-discipline, mutual respect; work hard and cherish learning opportunities and resources and conscientiously complete all kinds of tasks.

1.2. Safety: Do strengthen the prevention consciousness, further study and standardize the experimental operation skills and procedures and keep a watchful eye on daily and experimental safety.

1.3. Finishing school: Do introduce the time nodes and notices of publishing professional thesis.

2. The video includes four parts of information: laboratory security, telecom security, personal safety and harmony.

Combined with the actual situation of college students, such as simplicity of mind and lack of common sense, the video introduces the "campus loan", the causes and hazards of the loss of students, and how to escape when the accidents happen in the laboratory. It also broadcasts some possible situations according to the prevention of network fraud, financial fraud, bad campus Internet loans, fire safety, traffic safety, food safety, personal and property safety, as well as anti-cult and anti-pyramid selling and the relative suggestions towards these situations.

2.1. Strengthen the psychological quality and improve the prevention and law consciousness.

2.2. Don't trust others easily and be vigilant at all times.

2.3. Refuse unlicensed cars, to be greedy for petty advantage and lazy working condition.

2.4. Use electrical equipment correctly such as not connecting the power cord indiscriminately, not using electricity over load and turning off the power supply when you go out.

2.5. When you must escape through thick smoke, try to protect your head and body with soaked clothes.

Through video education, it is of impressiveness that the college students in the film who are heavily in debt because of campus and consumer loans, turn into spiritual collapse and start to harm themselves and their families because of the high interest, or even walk to the brink of suicide. It is vital to improve graduates’ safety and legal awareness, safety prevention consciousness and ability by this meeting.