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Professor & doctoral advisor in Environmental Toxicology & Environmental pollution and Health


Sang Nan

Contact Information                                                                                                                                                

Professor & doctoral advisor in Environmental Toxicology

& Environmental pollution and Health

Shanxi University

Dean of the College of Environment & Resources (in-service)

Member of Communist Party of China

Research direction and courses                                                                                                                         

Research direction: Environmental Toxicology of Environmental Sciences


1. Environmental Biology and Experiment

2. Environmental Toxicology

3. Cytobiology

University Education and Teaching experiences                                                                                              

Post-Doc. Environmental Sciences, 2004-2006

Louisiana University Health Science CenterLSUHSC

Ph.D. Environmental Sciences, 1999-2002

Shanxi University, Taiyuan, Shanxi


College of Environment & Resources of Shanxi University

M.S. Environmental Sciences, 1995

Shanxi University, Taiyuan, Shanxi

B.S. Environmental Sciences, 1991

Shanxi University, Taiyuan, Shanxi


As the first author or corresponding author, the author has published more than 50 papers in SCI core journals, and more than 30 papers in SCI core journals in the past five years (6 papers in TOP 1 Section of SCI), including one paper published in the Journal Environmental Health Perspectives, 3 papers in Environmental Science & Technology, 2 papers in Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 1 paper in Scientific Reports published by Nature, 2 papers in Toxicological Science which is internationally renowned journal in the field of Toxicology, 1 paper in Chemical Research in Toxicology the exclusive journal for research of Toxicity of Chemical Compounds in the Chemical Society in America.. The author’s publications have been cited more than 700 times by the journals including Chemical Reviews, Physiological Reviews, Nature Reviews Neuroscience and so on. (In the past five years, the author’s all publications have been cited more than 430 times, and the most popular one has been cited more than 60 times.) And the author has attended academic conference several times at home and abroad. The representative papers are as follow:

1 Han MingGuo ZhenLi GuangkeSang Nan(*)Nitrogen dioxide inhalation induces gene-toxicity in ratsChemosphere20139011):2737-2742

2 Zhu NaLi HongyanLi GuangkeSang Nan(*)Coking wastewaterincreases micronucleus frequency in mouse in vivo via oxidative stressJournal of Environmental Sciences20132510):2123-2129

3 Yun Yang (#)Yao Gaoyi (#)Yue HuifengGuo LinGuohua QinLiGuangkeSang Nan(*)SO2 inhalation causes synaptic injury in rat hippocampusvia its derivatives invivoChemosphere20139310):2426-2432

4 Yao GaoyiYue HuifengYun YangSang Nan(*)Chronic SO2 inhalationabove environmental standard impairs neuronal behavior and represses glutamatereceptor gene expression and memory- related kinase activation via neuro inflammation in ratsEnvironmental Research20151370):85-93

5 Ji XiaotongHan MingYun YangLi GuangkeSang Nan(*)Acute nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exposure enhances airway inflammation via modulatingTh1/Th2 differentiation and activating JAK-STAT pathwayChemosphere20151200):722-728

6 Ku TingtingYan WeiJia WuyaoYun YangZhu NaLi GuangkeSangNan(*)Characterization of synergistic embryo toxicity of nickel and buprofezin in zebrafishEnvironmental Science &Technology2015497):4600-4608

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11 Liang Dong (#)Zhu Na(#) Zhu HailinHu ZhiyongCao DuanlinSang Nan(*)Improvement of the polyoxometalate's performance in the asymmetricoxidation of styrene via combined with chiral ionic liquidCatalysis Communications2016790):49-52

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