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Ming Han


Curriculum Vitae


Work Address:

Department of Environmental Sciences,

College of Environment and Resource, Shanxi University

92 Wuchenglu,

Taiyuan, Shanxi 030006

People’s Republic of China

E-mail: [email protected]


2002 –2006  B.S., Environment Science, Shanxi Agricultural University, China  

2007 –2010  M.S., Environment Science, Shanxi University, China

2010 –2014  Ph.D., Environment Science, Shanxi University, China  

2015–2016   Visiting Scholar, School of Public Health, Yale University, USA


Environment pollution and health

Environmental toxicology and ecotoxicology

The mechanisms responsible for environment pollutants-induced human diseases (e.g. lung cancer, asthma, cardiovascular diseases)


Current support

ALDH1 as a marker to study the effects of PM2.5 exposure on the biological functions of lung cancer stem cells and its regulation mechanism, National Natural Science Foundation of P.R. China (No. 21707084), 2018/1-2020/12.

Past Support

Effect of nitrogen dioxide inhalation on changes of asthma susceptibility in rats, Natural Science Foundation of Shanxi Province (No. 2015021040), 2015/1-2017/12.


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