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Professor Xie Jingfang


Brief Introduction:

Professor Xie Jingfang (1961.11) servers as a doctoral supervisor and deputy dean (2007/01-2017/07) in the College of Environment & Resource Science of Shanxi University. She is from Linyi, Shanxi.

Learning and working experience:

learning experience:

2010.12~2011.6 Visiting scholar at the University of California, USA.

2004.9~2007.6 Environmental Science and Engineering Research Center of Shanxi University, a doctoral student, majoring in environmental science, obtained a doctorate in engineering.

1999.9-2001.9 Studying in the postgraduate course of Environmental Science of Shanxi University.

1980.9~1984.7 Department of Chemical Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, majored in coal chemistry and analytical chemistry and obtained a bachelor's degree in engineering.

Working experience:

2011.12 ~School of Environment and Resources, Shanxi University, Ph.D. supervisor

2008.9 ~ Professor, School of Environment and Resources, Shanxi University

2007.1~2017.7 Vice Dean, School of Environment and Resources, Shanxi University

2006.1 Deputy Director, Environmental Science and Engineering Research Center, Shanxi University

2005.8 School of Environment and Resources, Shanxi University, master tutor

2000.9~2008.8, Associate Professor, Dean of the Department of Environmental

Science, School of Environment and Resources, Shanxi University

1988.12~2000.8 Department of Environmental Science, Shanxi University, served as an assistant teacher, lecturer, and deputy director of the research office

1984.7~1988.12 Taiyuan University of Technology Department of Applied Chemistry, Assistant Professor


Lectures on the undergraduate courses "Environmental Monitoring" and "Instrumental Analysis."

Lectures on the graduate course "Modern Instrumental Analysis and Monitoring Technology."

Published papers (2008-2018):

1. Chen Jiayue, Xie Jingfang*, Jiang Hongjin, Jia Zhenzhen, Liu Ruiqing. The effects of glyphosate and cadmium compound stress on the antioxidant enzyme activity and photosynthesis of maize seedlings, Journal of Ecotoxicology, 2018, 13(1): 219-228.

2. ZHAO Li-juan1, 2, XIE Jing-fang1*, ZHANG Hong3, WANG Zhen-tao1, JIANG Hong-jin1, GAO Shao-long. Enzymatic activity and chlorophyll fluorescence imaging of maize seedlings (Zea mays L.) after exposure to low doses of chlorsulfuron and cadmium. Journal of Integrative Agriculture .2018, 17(4): 60345-73.

3. Li Meng, Chen Jiayue, Xie Jingfang*, etc. Effects of combined stress of sewage and cadmium on the metabolites of maize seedlings. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 2017, 28(11): 3767-3774.

4. Liu Peijia, Yang Rongyan, Ye Jiankai, Li Yaxin, Wang Yashuai, Xie Jingfang*. Survey of mercury content in hair and nails of the general population. Journal of Environment and Health, 2017, 34(3): 261-264

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10. Lv Jiali, Xie Jingfang*, Li Meng, etc. Seasonal changes and speciation analysis of PM2.5 heavy metal elements in Taiyuan City. Environmental Science and Technology, 2016, 39(4): 126-131

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12. Zhao Lijuan, Xie Jingfang*, Zhang Hong, Wang Zhentao, Fan Renjun, Lv Jiali, and Zhang Meng. Changes in metabolites in maize seedlings under chlorsulfuron and cadmium stress. Journal of Agricultural Science. 2016,154(5):890- 913. DOI: 10.1017/S0021859615000970, (SCI included, District 2)? Cambridge University Press.

13. Zhao Lijuan, Jie Jingfang*, Li Meng. Study on the effects of chlorsulfuron and cadmium stress on spinach metabolites by GC-MS method, The 8th Conference of Environmental Chemistry, Guangzhou, Conference Abstract, 2015.11

14. Lu Jiali, Liu Xiaojuan, Wang Zhentao, Liu Ruiqing, Xie Jingfang*. Study on the available state of soil cadmium and lead in sewage irrigation area of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Agricultural Sciences, 2015, 43(12), 1632-1637.

15. Zhao Lijuan, Jie Jingfang*, Zhang Hong, etc. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC-MS) combined with automatic deconvolution and identification system (AMDIS) software to analyze the effect of cadmium stress on the metabolites of corn seedlings. Environmental Chemistry, 2015, 34 (6): 1227-1230

16. Zhang Meng, Wu Yanni, Xie Jingfang*, etc. Study on the Existing Forms and Bioavailability of Soil Cadmium in Sewage Irrigation District of Taiyuan City. Acta Scientiae Circumstantial, 2015, 35(10): 3276-3283

17. Li R, Kou X, Geng H, Xie J, Yang Z, Zhang Y, Cai Z *, Dong C*. Effect of ambient PM2.5 on lung mitochondrial damage and fusion/fission gene expression in rats. Chemical Research in Toxicology, 2015,28(3):408-418. DOI:10.1021/tx5003723 (SCI included, Zone 2)

18. Li R, Kou X, Geng H, Xie J, Tian J, Cai Z*, Dong C*. Mitochondrial damage: an important mechanism of ambient PM2.5 exposure-induced acute heart injury of in rats. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2015,287: 392-401. (SCI included, area 1)

19. Zhao Lijuan, Xie Jingfang*. Study on the effects of chlorsulfuron-methyl and cadmium compound pollution on the growth and enzyme activity of maize seedlings. The First National Ecotoxicology Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, Abstract, 2014.4

20. Liu Ruiqing, Xie Jingfang. The fate of selenium in bituminous coals during pyrolysis The fate of selenium, 2014 Australia-China Symposium on Energy, 2014.5.13.

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Main scientific research projects (2008-2018)

1. The National Natural Science Foundation of China: The study of endotoxin-induced airway hyperresponsiveness gene expression in asthma, 2008.1~2008.12, leader.

2. Project of Taiyuan Environmental Protection Bureau, Status Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in Sewage Irrigated Soil in Taiyuan City and Integrated Research on Remediation Technology, 2008.1~2009.12, leader.

3. College students' innovative experimental projects, investigations and risk assessments of drinking water fluorine content in counties/districts surrounding Yuncheng, 2008.5-2009.12, tutor.

4. The Natural Science Foundation of Shanxi Province, P16 as a biomarker to study the early damage of heterocyclic amines to rat stomach, (No.2009011039-1) (2010-2012), participated.

5. National Special Project for Public Welfare Industry (Agriculture) Scientific Research: Research and Demonstration of New Carrot Industrialization Technology System-Pesticide Residues and Quality Determination (No.200903016), (2009-2013) leader.

6. In 2009, Shanxi Province General Undergraduate Higher Education Teaching Reform Research Project: Reform and Exploration of Environmental Monitoring Experimental Teaching, leader.

7. National Public Welfare Industry (Agricultural) Scientific Research Project: Research and Demonstration and Extension of Comprehensive Prevention and Control Technology for Northern Fruit Tree Heartworm (No.201103024)-Determination of Pesticide Residues and Quality, leader (2011-2015).

8. "Environmental Monitoring" quality course construction project. In 2013, leader.

9. The outstanding innovation projects of graduate students to study the joint toxicity of chlorsulfuron and cadmium to maize seedlings based on nuclear magnetic technology (No.011452901009); 2015.12, tutor.

10. The national college students' innovation and entrepreneurship training project "Research on the Pollution Characteristics of PM2.5 Soluble Anions and Cations in Different Weather Conditions", (No.2014011) (2014-2015), tutor.

11. Science and Technology Research Project (Agriculture) of Shanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology, technology research and development of vinegar grain preparation soil remediation agent, (No.20140311008-6), participated.

12. Taiyuan Science and Technology Project, Estimation of Mercury, Arsenic, and Lead Emissions from Coal-fired Power Plants in Taiyuan, (No.B201303), 2012.1~2013.12, participated.

13. Shanxi Provincial Department of Education 2014 University Science and Technology Innovation Project, Study on the Pollution Characteristics and Toxicological Effects of PM2.5 Nitro Multi-ring Shanxi in Haze Weather, (No.2014110), participated.

14. Research on the causes and treatment of heavy air pollution, "2+26" city "one city, one policy" follow-up study, Taiyuan City Air Pollution Prevention and Control Comprehensive Solution-Pollution Source Analysis, (No. DQGG-05-11) (2017.7) ~2019.12), leader.

Award (2008-2018)

1. The provincial-level teacher in Shanxi Province in 2009.

2. The main course "Environmental Monitoring" was selected as the 2009 Shanxi Excellent Course, the person in charge.

3. "Excellent Teacher of Baosteel Education Award" in 2012

4. The main course "Environmental Monitoring" was selected as the 2013 Shanxi Province Excellent Video Open Course, the person in charge

5. The first prize of Shanxi Science and Technology Award-Natural Science Category by the Department of Science and Technology of Shanxi Province in 2008: A series of studies on the toxicological effects of typical air pollutants, February 2009.

6. In April 2015, the third prize in the 17th "Innovation Challenge Cup" Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition in the area of Natural Science of Shanxi University in instructing undergraduates' thesis work "Research on the Pollution Characteristics of PM2.5 Soluble Anions and Cations in Different Weather Conditions".

7. In May 2013, the Natural Science Paper of the 16th "Innovation Challenge Cup" Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition of Shanxi University Award for Excellence in the category of works in instructing undergraduates’ thesis work "Research on the Redox Characteristics of Soot-type Atmospheric Fine Particulate Matter PM2.5".

8. In May 2011, the natural science academic of the 15th "Innovation Challenge Cup" student extracurricular academic work competition of Shanxi University Third prize for thesis in instructing undergraduates' thesis work of "Application Research of Microwave Digestion and Spectrophotometry in COD Determination"

10. In March 2010, the first prize in the 10th "Xingjin Challenge Cup" College Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition in Shanxi Province in instructing undergraduates' thesis work "Research on the Measurement Method of Potential Selectivity Coefficient in Environmental Monitoring".

11. In March 2010, the outstanding instructor of the 10th "Xingjin Challenge Cup" college young teachers and students extracurricular academic science and technology works competition in Shanxi Province.

Works (2008-2018)

1. Meng Ziqiang, Li Ruijin, Xie Jingfang, Zhang Quanxi, Bai Juli, Qin Guohua, Li Junling, Yang Zhenhua. "Sulfur Dioxide Biology: Toxicology, Physiology, Pathophysiology", Science Press, 474,000 words, May 2012, edited.

2. Meng Ziqiang, Liu Jingling, Zhang Feng, Qu Ai, Zhao Liangqi, Xie Jingfang, Wei Aili. "Ecotoxicology", a national-level planning textbook for the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for general higher education, Higher Education Press, 430,000 words, June 2009, co-edited

3. Meng Ziqiang, Jie Jingfang, Li Ruijin, Zhang Quanxi, Bai Juli, Qin Guohua. "Lifestyle and Health", Popular Science Press, 180,000 words.