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PhD Students’ Activities: the thesis defense for doctor’s degree of CERS in 2019


The thesis defense was held for the doctorate in the major of Environmental Science and Environmental Biomedicine on the first floor in our college on the morning of 26th May 2019. The four PhD students including Wu Meiqiong(2016, Environmental Science, Professor Qing Guohua), Ning Xia(2015, Environmental Science, Professor Li Guangke), Gi Xiaotong(2015, Environmental Biomedicine, Professor Sang Nan) and Zhang Yingying(2015, Environmental Science, Professor Sang Nan) finished their thesis defense.

Besides the professor Wang Jundong form Shanxi Agricultural University as the chairman of the thesis defense, there were other 7 oral defense committee members consisting of Professor Qi Jinshun from Shanxi Medial University, Professor Yi Huilan, Ren Zhumei, Fu Yuejun, Sang Nan, Li Guangke, Qin Guohua and so on from Shanxi University. In addition, there were also 2 secretaries for the oral defense including the professor Zhu Na and the Teacher Zhang Xiaoyan.

Many teachers including Yun Yang, Yan Reifeng, Ku Tingting and so on and more than 30 Ph.D. students and postgraduates attended the thesis defense.

Lastly, the research results and the wise performance of the four Ph.D. students accepted by the experts. And they all passed their thesis defense and were conferred the doctoral degrees.