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Trade Union Activity: CERS’s faculties’ active participance in the School Fall Sports in 2018


The annual School Fall Sports of the Shanxi University held in the Hongyou stadium came to a successful end on September 30th after its 3-day activities.

Under the coordinating and organizing of the members of our college’s part committee and the trade union, 30 teachers and staffs of our college took part in the School Fall Sports. Their outstanding talent all had been witnessed. Our college’s teacher Wang Qixiang finished sixth and got the third prize in the 1500M Men of Athletics. There were also 10 teachers of our college joining in the set shot with 5 people in each group including the women group (Wang Jingtao, Liu Lei, Wu Fang, Qin Jie and Song Shengmei) and the men group (Liu Xuefeng, Mi Jia, Lu Dongtao, Liu Zhiguang and Li Yong). And in the individual competition, Xu Jie, Yan Ruifeng, Zhi Jianhui and Zhang Xiaoyan all did a good job. The best part of the School Fall Sports was the 10X50M Relay. Our college team was composed of 10 teachers: Zhang Hong, Zhang Yinbo, Yun Yang, Liu Ruiqing, Su Chao, Zhang Quanxi, Yan Ruifeng, Gao Guanlong, Han Ming, Fan Xiaohui. They spared no effort and got the third prize.

The secretary of the party committee of our college Niu Mu also took an active part in the School Fall Sports taking photos and cheering for the athletes. The deputy secretary of the party committee Yang Qian and the teacher Wang Jie led all athletes taking part into the opening ceremony. The members of the trade union(Guo Donggang, Wang Jingtao, Yan Ruifeng and Wu Tao) and the undergraduate students of the department of physical education did great services for all the athletes of our college.

The School Fall Sports not only give us the chance to enhance our health but also help us build the sense of cooperation. And all the members of our college inherited their struggling and fighting mettle.

                                                            September 29th