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Scientific Research:the seminar of application for NSFC organized by CERS in 2019


Reporter: Gao Guanlong

The seminar of application for NSFC was held at the conference hall (first floor) in our college at 3 P.M. on 29th November in 2018. The three professors including Zhang Hong, Zhang Liguo and Yun Yang were invited to do the reports. Because of its importance the dean Sang Nan propagated for it, the vice-dean Li Hua presided over it and all the teachers planned to apply NSFC including the vice-dean Qing Guohua listened to the reports.

According to their successful experience of applying NSFC the three professors discussed the preparation for the application from several aspects including  topic selecting, creativity, bibliographic retrieval, composition and submitting. The dean Sang Nan suggested that NSFC is the biggest platform and the great opportunity for all the teachers in university and believed that this seminar would paly an important role on the application for NSFC in 2019. Wish you a successful application.