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Trade Union Activities: CERS faculties' participance in the 9th staff badminton competition


According to the notice of the “Shanxi University's Ninth Faculty and Staff Badminton Competition” issued by the labor union of our school, the party committee and branch labor union of our school actively carried out the organization and preparation of this competition, including establishing a badminton WeChat group, seting up a badminton net, having the equipment badminton rackets and badminton balls at the ready. The staff got through the training, competition preparation and final competition in two-by-two combinations. More than 30 staff from our college signed up to form the team with deputy secretary Yang Qian as the teams leader, Liu Xuefeng as the captain of the Huanzi First team and Xu Jianhong Second Team, The teachers, including Guo Donggang Chairman, Wang Qixiang and Yan Ruifeng, etc, provided logistical support for this competition.

Competition time: October 14-23, 2020, 19:00-21:00

Competition venue: old stadium

Competition items: mixed team competition, individual event (men's doubles, women's doubles, mixed doubles)

After fierce competition, Chai Baofeng and Wang Ranghu won the sixth place in men's doubles, and Wang Qixiang and Zhang Xiaoyan the sixth place in mixed doubles. The first and second teams of our college both entered the round of 16 of the team competitions.